Where am I?

Our department, located in the heart of Saint Louis Hospital, combines the missions of medical research, teaching, research of statistical methods and medical information. All these missions converge towards better patient care: the most efficiently selected treatments and combinations, reduction of mortality, reduction of time spent in hospital, allocation of the optimal dose of treatments.

It comes from different angles:

  • Biostatistics and Medical Information Service (SBIM)
  • Clinical Research Unit (URC)
  • Department of Medical Information (DIM)

Hematology-oncology, resuscitation, hepatology, pulmonology, dermatology, emergencies

The department produces a long list of publications, posters and presentations each year.

The expertise in statistical methodology developed in our department is particularly recognized and sought after

Close cooperation with institutes, laboratories, research units, hospital services

The department welcomes many doctoral students, interns and trainees in medicine: about ten per year

The service conducts a large number of protocols simultaneously (20thn Courses and +350since its foundation)

More than fifteen different trades

Interactive wheel test